Skyko Ltd has made active six-figure investments in growth stage innovative companies, with an exclusive focus on the technology sector.

The world has now changed to be much more connected, and great companies can come from anywhere. We have a continual interest in finding, identifying and discovering only the most unique and exciting investment opportunities that can scale.

By backing these early stage startups, we are able to provide capital in employing the brightest minds realize the potential of their ideas in creating an impact in today's world, as well as making a difference to people's lives.

As well as a shareholder, Skyko has a position on the board of advisors for certain investments made to date - providing mentoring, guidance and consultation through it's own experience for enterprising startups.

Our sector expertise and deep network mean that we know and have worked with, people across the world who can add value to our portfolio companies.

Skyko is a member of several syndicates such as Crowdcube, Envestors, SyndicateRoom and London Business Angels - which is also one of Europe's leading Angel Investment Networks.